At Webster, students decide. We encourage students to organize clubs and events that enrich campus life. Many student-led clubs develop helpful skills, while others forge friendships over shared interests.

Student Government Association

The SGA (Student Government Association) represents and leads the student body. It is a student union that is elected at the end of each spring semester. Explore the different aspects of the SGA below.

There are several elected positions in the SGA. The elected officers are listed with their responsibilities:

The President is in charge of coordinating the SGA, and works on external partnerships.

The Vice-president handles internal operations and acts as SGA President when s/he is not available.

The Treasurermanages all budget and financial affairs and approves club budgets.

The Secretary organizes meetings, takes notes and approves new club applications.

The Ambassador for Students Diversity and Inclusion ensures the inclusivity of activities, events and clubs, keeping in mind the different needs and wants of our diverse student body.

Committee leaders are elected representatives, responsible for certain areas of SGA operations:

  • Events Committee
  • Sports Committee
  • Student Support Committee
  • Public Relations Committee
  • Senators of Majors: BUSA, ECON, IR, MIS, MDST

The SGA bears five main functions:

  • Act as a liaison between the student body and university leadership.
  • Manage budgets for social clubs and student events.
  • Facilitate an honest, supportive, and diverse atmosphere among the student body.
  • Raise student issues and concerns to university management.
  • Actively enhance social life at the university.

Student Clubs and Associations

  • Tennis club
  • Ping-pong club
  • Cheerleading club
  • Soccer club
  • Basketball club
  • Volleyball club
  • Badminton club
  • Chess club

  • Anime club
  • Dance and Music club
  • Assa (Lezginka) club
  • Book club
  • Charity club
  • Eco club
  • Tik-tok club
  • Radio club

  • The Webmag
  • Programming club
  • Public Speaking club
  • Debate club

  • Women Empowerment Union
  • International Relations and Diplomacy club

Events at Webster Tashkent

  • Scavenger Hunt in Tashkent City, during which students bonded and tested their analytical skills.
  • Clubs Fair, where clubs promoted themselves and tried to attract new members.
  • Miracle New Year Party was organized by students to bring up spirits.
  • Freshmen Party was held to welcome new Spring students to our university in 2021.
  • Deer Hills Trip was organized by the Charity Club, allowing students to meet real deer face to face.
  • Spirit Week was held over the course of four days involving group activities, healthy rivalry, Webster spirit, a Comic Con and even a celebration of Navruz.
  • Soccer Tournament Championship was organized by two students to increase students' involvement with sports.
  • Girl Power #Self was held over one day featuring empowering speeches and activities, a self-defense class, and other activities to help motivate young women.
  • Movie nights were organized frequently free of charge to give students a chance to relax.
  • Fundraising events were held by the Charity Club to help veterans, elders, children with disabilities or other medical conditions, and animal shelters.