WUTICCELT-2022 accepted proposals for presentations and workshops in the following themes:

  • Theme A: Teacher development

  • Theme B: Innovative teaching practices

  • Theme C: Secondary school teaching, CLIL

  • Theme D: English for Specific Purposes

  • Theme E: Teaching languages

  • Theme F: Post-pandemic solutions

Submissions are closed.

Please note that submissions are no longer being accepted to WUTICCELT 2022. 


Each presentation will have a 30-minute timeslot, with 20 minutes to present their material and 10 minutes for questions and discussions.


Workshops last for 120 minutes and are an opportunity for you to teach or train your participants in using classroom activities, resources, etc.


After the conference, presenters of high quality, innovative, original research will be invited to submit  articles for inclusion in a conference publication.


Information about Publication

There is no charge to submit a paper to the conference proceedings.

The conference committee welcomes submissions of high quality, innovative, original research that relate to the themes of the conference. After proposals are selected for presentation and after the presentations at the conference, the committee will invite authors to submit articles for inclusion in conference proceedings.

Plagiarism will be strictly monitored. Any paper found to be in violation of the policies will be immediately rejected. Please check your text in a plagiarism checker before submission.

It is the author’s responsibility to submit papers that are accurate in their content and in the quality of English. The organizers encourage the use of the proofreading service provided by the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

  • Font: 14-point Times New Roman for the title and author(s) info in bold. 12-point Times New Roman for the text of the article.
  • Single spacing.
  • One line between paragraph.
  • No indentation.
  • Pictures or images to be sent as a separate file. Figures and tables should be as jpeg or png file(s).
  • The length of the article: at least 3-5 pages including the title, abstract, key words, tables, and references.