Webster University in Tashkent International Conference on Creativity and ELT

April 1-2, 2022 | Webster University in Tashkent | Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Webster University's keynote education conference in 2022 aims to bring together professionals to meet the challenges of developing youth, improving the working lives of teachers, and moving beyond COVID. The conference will proceed at the Webster campus in Tashkent and online.




Official opening


First keynote speaker: Dr. DJ Kaiser

Creative Ways to Grow as a Professional in the
Field of English Language Teaching


Parallel sessions: 30-minute presentations

Theme A: Teacher development

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  • School teachers' growth as the basis of ELL success in Uzbekistan.
    Presenter: Klara Nazmutdinova
  • Difficulties in Teaching Essay Writing In English.
    Presenter: Anora Jabbarova
  • How to improve classroom practices: teachers as researchers.
    Presenter: Elyanora Menglieva
  • TPD@Scale in Uzbekistan: Teachers' Perspectives.
    Presenters: Gulnoza Kuldosheva, Erkin Mukhammedov & Sherzod Khaydarov

Theme B: Innovative teaching practices

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  • Innovative teaching practices for 21st Century Educators.
    Presenters: Lola Mamedova
  • Innovative teaching for effective learning.
    Presenter: Rimajon Sotlikova
  • Comprehending Fast Speech with Online videos and Quizzes.
    Presenter: Durdona Karimova
  • Effective use of Digital tools in Project-based Teaching.
    Presenters: Elnara Gulieva & Nilufar Mukhammedova

Theme C: Creativity

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  • Supporting Students in the Classroom Through Arts-Based Expression.
    Presenters: Venera Arzimbetova & Peaches Hash
  • Stimulating students’ creative thinking during a primary research task in AE module. 
    Presenters: Dildora Tashpulatova & Aisulu Kinjemuratova
  • How to foster creativity among English teachers in Uzbekistan?
    Presenter: Feruz Akbarov
  • Developing writing skill through critical thinking.
    Presenter: Nilufar Tillayeva


Lunch and invited lunchtime speakers



 Jennifer Law

Globe – A space for creative collaboration.



Jamie Keddie

Picture-telling: using stories from images.



Carole Robinson (NILE UK)

Bridging the gap – the curriculum, the coursebook and real lives.



Alan Pulverness (TransformELT)

Classroom research as teacher development.


Keynote speaker: Dr. Feruza Rashidova

Continuing professional development of teachers as the key to the sustainable development of society.


Parallel sessions: three 30-minute presentations

Theme D: English for Specific Purposes

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  • Improving professional competence of pharmaceutical students by ESP courses.
    Presenter: Khilola Maksudova
  • Importance of the modification of the learning and education programs of developing language proficiency of the aviation specialist.
    Presenter: Shahnoza Saidova
  • Teaching English at medical high school: modern standards and demands.
    Presenter: Dilafruz Buranova
  • Modern approaches in improving of  proficiency level of English for aviation specialist. Presenters: Lyudmila Savchenko & Shahnoza Saidova

Theme E: Teaching language

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  • Overcoming language difficulties in learning and teaching English.
    Presenters: Nilufar Mustafayeva & Jamila Djumabayeva
  • Solutions start with Writing.
    Presenter: Marija Kovac
  • Teaching grammar as product, process and skill.
    Presenter: Durdana Utepova
  • Using corpus based activities to ESP students.
    Presenters: Durdona Pulatova & Dilafruz Sulaymanova

Theme F: Post-pandemic solutions

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  • Collaborative learning.
    Presenter: Zahro Ahmedova
  • Post-Pandemic Educational Reforms: Analysing the need of Implementing Innovative Approaches in Developing Integrated Skills of Learners in Academia.
    Presenters: Gunjan Jain & Iroda Saydazimova
  • Educational challenges of the coronavirus pandemics.
    Presenter: Nazirakhon Nasimova
  • Alternative ways of classroom groupwork activities using online platforms.
    Presenter: Dilafruz Abdumajidova


Coffee break


Keynote speaker: Scott Thornbury

Words, words, words. (And yet more words).



  • Using corpora in language teaching
    Facilitator: James Thomas (Webster University)
    More details here
  • Discover your true color as a leader and educator
    Facilitator: Maggie Dankert (Webster University)
  • Improving Student Critical and Creative Thinking with Visible Thinking Routines
    Facilitator: Judson Wright (US Embassy in Uzbekistan)
    More details here
  • The British Council presents APTIS
    Facilitator: Amirsaid Sadikov (British Council, Uzbekistan)
    More details here
  • The Power of Effective Interpersonal Communications and Listening
    Facilitator: Thomas Kleiner (Webster University)
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Coffee break


Keynote speaker: Dr. Basiyr Rodney


Closing and book raffle

Plenary Speakers

Plenary speaker Scott Thornbury, a man wearing glasses is smiling and looking into the camera

Scott Thornbury

Plenary Speaker

Scott Thornbury has taught and trained in Egypt, U.K., Spain, and in his native New Zealand. Until recently he taught an online MA TESOL program for The New School in New York. His writing credits include several award-winning books for teachers on language and methodology, including "About Language" (Cambridge) and "The New A-Z of ELT" (Macmillan). His two latest books are "30 Language Teaching Methods" and "101 Grammar Questions" (both Cambridge). He is also the series editor for the "Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers," and a trustee of the Hands Up Project, which promotes drama activities in English for children in under-resourced regions of the Arab world. At present he is working for the Mosaik Foundation, training teachers of refugees in the Middle East in how to integrate communicative activities into their online classes. His website is www.scottthornbury.com

Plenary speaker Dr. Feruza Rashidova, a woman, is smiling and looking into the camera

Dr. Feruza Rashidova

Plenary Speaker

Dr. Feruza Rashidova, a professor at Webster University, has served as Senior Consultant for HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, Mahorat & Management and as the president of the Uzbekistan Teachers of English Association (UzTEA) for ten years. She has great breadth of experience in educational projects for learners at universities and professional institutions. She is a national expert on quality assurance in education and takes part in projects of UNESCO, the Asian Development Bank and the European Training Foundation. Dr. Rashidova is actively involved in Public-Private Partnership projects as an expert and coordinator for lifelong learning strategies in Uzbekistan with the support of ETF, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education, UzTEA and the local non-governmental social organization Mahorat & Management by moderating different online academic conferences and involving new experts in discussion toward achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals for Education by 2030. Dr. Rashidova is a founder of many local and international projects in the field of education such as: the Teacher’s Development Framework according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment of foreign languages, and Continuing Professional Development for educators according to the International Standard Classification of Education.

Plenary speaker Dr. Basiyr Rodney, a man, is smiling and looking into the camera

Dr. Basiyr Rodney

Plenary Speaker

Dr. Basiyr Rodney is the Chair of the Department of Teacher Education and is an Associate Professor in Education at Webster University. His work involves preparing K-12 teachers and learning design professionals who are committed to democratic and socially just learning approaches that are powered by innovation and technology. Dr. Rodney teaches courses in technology education, social foundations, and innovative practices. His research focuses on emerging technologies, new learning and design approaches as well as collaborative meaningful learning with technology. He has also developed software applications for teacher evaluations and developed learning games for Teacher Candidates.

Dr. Rodney has taught teachers in multiple countries across the spectrum of K-12 education. He is a board member of The Soulard School, Connected Learning and The Alliance for Interracial Dignity in Webster Groves Missouri. He is also a board member of the Webster Center for Creativity and Innovation in Geneva. Rodney holds degrees in History and Government from the University of the West Indies at Mona Jamaica, and degrees in Education Technology and Curriculum from Florida Atlantic University.

A man wearing glasses looks into the camera

Dr. DJ Kaiser

Plenary Speaker

DJ Kaiser is an Associate Dean in the School of Education at Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri, where he is both a Professor and the Director of Teaching English as a Second Language. He currently serves as director for a five-year National Professional Development grant from the U.S. Department of Education. With more than two decades in the field of English Language Teaching, he has delivered presentations, workshops, and seminars on language instruction, teaching pronunciation, language planning and policy, technology for education, and program development throughout the United States and in Mexico, Canada, China, Thailand, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Spain, Greece, Holland, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, and Ecuador. He has also presented virtually to teachers in Honduras, Tajikistan, Brazil, Uruguay, and Uzbekistan.

Lunchtime Speakers

A white woman wearing glasses is smiling and looking into the camera.

Jennifer Law

Lunchtime Speaker

Jennifer  has been in English Language Education for the last 16 years and is the Coordinator of the TransformELT Globe community. She describes herself as a keen all-rounder, but with specific interest in teacher education and teaching training, alongside all aspects of writing and materials development.

A white man looks into the camera.

Jamie Keddie

Lunchtime Speaker

Jamie Keddie started off with a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Realizing that he actually wanted to be a musician, he spent most of his twenties studying at Leeds College of Music in Yorkshire, England. After that, he worked as a singer-piano player on ships, but nothing too glamorous.

In 2001 Jamie moved to Barcelona and became an English language teacher. Gradually, his passion moved from music to education, video and storytelling.

As a trainer, Jamie has shared his ideas and insights with teachers and educators in over 40 countries.

Jamie is the winner of a prestigious British Council ELTon award for innovation. He is the author of Images (Oxford University Press, 2008), Bringing online video into the classroom (Oxford University Press, 2014) and Videotelling: YouTube Stories for the Classroom (LessonStream Books, 2017).

A white woman is smiling and looking into the camera.

Carole Robinson

Lunchtime Speaker

Carole Anne Robinson is Senior Trainer at NILE (Norwich Institute for Language Education).  She is involved in training teachers on CELTA and Delta courses and is also a CELTA  and Delta assessor. In addition to working in the UK, Carole has trained teachers in Poland, Russia, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Hong Kong. Over the past twenty-five years, she has been the Director of Studies of two International House schools and also worked at a senior level for the Bell School in Norwich.  Her ELT qualifications include an MA in Applied English for EFL. She is particularly interested in Discourse Analysis, Dogme ELT and CLIL and regularly gives presentations at international seminars and conferences.

A white man wearing glasses is smiling and looking into the camera.

Alan Pulverness

Lunchtime Speaker

Alan Pulverness is a co-Director of TransformELT, which he set up in 2017 together with Sarah Mount and Alan Mackenzie. He has worked as a teacher trainer in Canada, Germany, Italy, Russia and Spain, and as a trainer trainer in Algeria. He is co-author of a number of coursebooks, including The TKT Course. Alan has published widely, including in ELT Journal, Modern English Teacher and British Studies Now; and in 2015, two chapters in Assessing Language Teachers’ Professional Skills and Knowledge (Cambridge University Press).

Call for Proposals

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